Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Sunflower

The phenomenon of male sterility (MS) is described as inability of a plant to produce fertile pollen. For hybrid breeding this is a very usefull instrument, because the plant is prevented from selfing by pollen sterility. In this way it is possible to produce pure hybrid seeds under usage of the heterosis effect.
In most cases The reason for cytoplasmic male sterility lies in mitochondrial genome rearrangements.
Location of the orf H522, conferring cytoplasmic male sterility in H. annuus within the mitochondrial genome (total length ca. 300 kbp).

atpA: a subunit of F1 ATPase
cob : Apocytochrome b
ndh1 : NADH/H+ Dehydrogenase 1
rps13 : ribosomal protein S13
18S : 18S ribosomal RNA
26S : 26S ribosomal RNA
atp6:  subunit  6 of F0 ATPase
atp9 : subunit  9 of F0 ATPase
coxI-III : Cytochrom b Oxidases I-III

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