Differentiation of Cytoplasmic Types

The mt types of potato genotypes were classified as mt type a, b, g, d, e by RFLP techniques with homologous organellar probes. They contained the loci of cob, rps14, rpl5, rps10, coxI, rps3, rpl16, coxII, rpl2, ccb256, nd3, rps12, atpA, orf206 and atp6. The probes detected several coding regions and pseudogenes of the mt-genome and revealed different organisations at these loci which characterize mainly the types mt- a, b, g. The RFLP Table gives the data of the representative RFLP patterns with the standard set of probes which characterize the different mt types. The most characteristic patterns are shown in ´Mt-Cp-RFLPs´.




Mt Patterns


Andreas Lössl

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This work was supported by grants of the BMBF under the number 0310768.