Specific PCR Primers for Determination of Cytoplasmic Types - Molecular Markers for Mitochondria and Plastids -

PCR Primers ALM4 and ALM5  
for Mt type determination:  

Mt-a = 2,4 kb  
Mt-b = 1,6 kb  
Mt-g = no product 

PCR Primers  ALM6 and ALM7  
for Mt type determination:  

Mt-a = no product  
Mt-b = no product  
Mt-g = 2,4 kb  

Molecular Marker for CMS  

PCR Primers  ALC1 and ALC3  
for Plastid  type determination following chloroplast segregation in somatic fusion hybrids.    

Cp- T  = 381  bp 
Mt- W = 622 bp  


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Abstract of Molecular Analysis

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